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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that get asked

  • What is a 'Search Fund'?
    A 'Search Fund' is an investment vehicle through which an entrepreneur raises funds from investors in order to acquire a company. Post acquisition, the entrepreneur takes an active, day-to-day leadership role. This model has a long history of successfully being used to acquire businesses since 1984. To learn more please visit: (i) Stanford's Search Funds Research Page, and (ii) IESE International Search Fund Center.
  • Why should I sell my business to you?
    Unlike other buyers, Forás Capital is led by an entrepreneur, Sam Batran, who is in the market to buy only one business. He is a seasoned CEO who enjoys the challenge of leading people, entering new markets, and growing businesses. He is interested to hold onto the company for a long time, and preserving your legacy. He is willing to relocate anywhere on the island of Ireland and dedicate 100% of his time leading the business.
  • What percentages of the shares are you looking to acquire & how flexible are you?
    We are looking to acquire the company in full or a substantial majority. We are flexible, so if the existing owner(s) would like to keep a minority stake, we are happy to have them on board with us.
  • How will the transition work?
    A transition plan will be prepared and agreed upon between all stakeholders during due diligence phase. Good and coordinated communication is key to ensure that customers, suppliers, and staff are comfortable and supportive with the transition.
  • Are you looking to buy several companies after this transaction?
    No, we are in the market to buy only one business. Post-acquisition, Sam Batran is expected to be employed full-time by the acquired company as CEO, and Forás Capital will cease to exist.
  • Where is the source of funds?
    Forás Capital is supported by a group of investors, and they will be the ones contributing the equity. We will also explore debt options depending on the transaction. To learn more about Forás Capital's backers, please visit our 'About Us' page.
  • What is the horizon of the investment and how are you planning to exit?
    Forás Capital's backers are long-term holders and intend to grow the business for a long period (i.e., 10-15+ years).
  • How are you legally structured & are you a regulated entity?
    We are incorporated in Ireland. Our CRO registration number is 726667. We are not a regulated entity as Forás Capital is not a money manager. It is an investment vehicle that is structured as a Search Fund. To learn more about Search Funds, please visit Stanford's Search Funds Research Page and IESE International Search Fund Center.
  • Who are we going to deal with, as you have a long list of backers on your website?
    The main point of contact always is Sam Batran. We have disclosed the investors to be transparent, to give confidence that our funds are ready, and that we are able to transact.
  • Can we meet some of the investors backing Forás Capital?
    Yes. Sam Batran can arrange that for you.
  • Who brought all these investors together?
    Sam Batran spent several months raising the funds for Forás Capital from investors in Ireland, UK and internationally, based on the Search Fund model. To learn more about Search Funds, please visit Stanford's Search Funds Research Page and IESE International Search Fund Center.
  • What does "Forás" mean?
    "Forás" is Irish for "development and growth". The name reflects our aim and vision to acquire one company on the island of Ireland to develop and grow to the next level.


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